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Weight Management and Physical Activity in Colder Months

Sep 19, 2019

Just like bears that hibernate for the winter, many of us find it easier to nix physical activity in colder weather. Along with the upcoming holidays, sugar can be tempting in all directions. It’s not just Santa Clause that somehow finds cookies on the table! Maintaining a healthy weight becomes challenging with the upcoming holidays because less healthy habits become more accessible. Helping your kiddo keep up with physical activity will help you and them experience healthier seasons ahead.

Addressing Habits

Although the cold weather rarely motivates our kiddos to move, we can’t just blame poor habits on the weather alone. Habits take time to develop. Since parents are huge role models for their kiddos, we need to understand that solutions start and end with Mom and Dad.

Poor habits can lead to a child becoming overweight. Even if your child is considered overweight, they can still be healthy. The concern is that a strong correlation exists for adverse effects on a child’s overall wellbeing when it comes to being overweight. We want to emphasize that no matter the size of your child, the food is eaten and the physical activity experienced are what matters most all year long. 

physical activity

Gearing Up for Physical Activity

If your kiddo has been inactive for a long time, making a big change during the colder seasons can be even more challenging. Don’t despair. The first step is really up to you, and yes, it may mean turning off the TV for a bit. Being a good role model, first and foremost, can make your child more inclined to do the same.

Ask your kiddo what physical activity they would like to do indoors or outdoors. Their opinion is valuable when it comes to having fun. Building a fort, participating with an exercise video, and hiding clues and items around the house are all indoor activities that incorporate movement. Of course, bundle up if you decide to go outside for sports or a long walk.

If your child is hesitant about a change in activities, try doing the activities with them, even if it is just for a short amount of time. Some physical activity is always better than none at all!

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Planning Ahead

            Healthy habits thrive on consistency. Whether you are making changes to the meals you eat or increasing the amount of time spent on physical activity, go slow and set realistic goals. If your kiddo is very sedentary, get them moving for just five minutes a day. You can work up to more time once a routine is established in the household. Anyone can put down screens for just five minutes.

Remember to stick with the schedule and plan ahead of time. Let your child choose activities before this scheduled time to allow them to have a say in the activity. Free play counts too! Regularly following through with goals is a sure-fire way to ensure your kiddo maintains or loses weight, which will make way for a much happier body.

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At our office, we help your kiddo improve their moves every day. We are here to help with any concerns with your child’s daily movements.

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