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A Walk Through Flat Feet and Orthotics

Aug 29, 2019

Our kiddos travel. A lot. They travel in their homes, to school, and all over their outdoor environments. Every surface crossed means that some will be more uneven than others. Flat feet may seem suited for smooth surfaces, but our feet were not designed to be flat. They were meant to offer your kiddo the support needed to journey across all surfaces healthily and happily. For some, orthotics can provide night and day relief. Don’t worry. We will walk through all you need to know.

The Looks of Flat Feet

No curve. No bend. Flat feet looks like how it sounds. When your kiddo has flat feet, the arch (the curve) inside the foot appears absent. Essentially, the entire sole of your kiddo’s foot would touch the ground in the presence of this condition. While it is possible for the arch to show when your child sits or lies down, flat feet will always be noticeable while standing. The arch is visible because of the weight applied to looser than normal connective tissues in the ankle and foot.

Without needed support, the arch flattens when weight is applied. You can notice overpronation with the feet in this state. Overpronation occurs when the arch substantially collapses inward. If you were to visualize this from the back of your kiddo while standing, the heel would appear to bend at an angle in towards the other ankle. Extra support can go a long way for kiddos with flat feet.

Flat Feet

Take Steps in the Right Direction

You may have heard somewhere that flat feet, like toe walking, will go away on its own once your child reaches a certain age. To the contrary, flat feet is not a condition that always disappears with time. Others may not seek treatment because their kiddo has not yet experienced any negative symptoms that go along with flat feet.

We want to see flat feet cared for because it will eventually cause pain in the ankles, back, hips, and especially knees. Problems with the feet is a concern of the body’s functioning as a whole. Prevention is number one on our to-do list because flat feet is easier to treat when the child is younger and pain-free. Let’s set flat feet back on the straight and narrow path by bringing up concerns to pediatric professionals.

Flat Feet

The Role of Orthotics

Even if your kiddo has flat feet, they certainly are not doomed to a life of aches and pains. A physical therapist can provide stretches and exercises that can significantly improve the condition. Some of our parent’s swear by the relief orthotics provide for their kiddo. These shoe inserts help support the arch and the foot during walks, indoor/outdoor activities, and lots of play. Orthotics have this power because they align the heel properly. They also will not allow the heel to move in unnatural ways under the pressure from standing. Talk about a way to assert authority. Orthotics really have your kid’s back, or feet, so to speak.

We love what orthotics can do, so we can help your child get what they need. Most custom orthotics for children are covered at 100%. For others, we sell custom orthotics at our office and have a pair you can try at our office to take home today.

Flat Feet

If you are interested in orthotics for your kiddo, reach out today.

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