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The Value of Spreading Love Every Month Ahead

Feb 4, 2024

Mother and Daughter Heart Valentine

Kids are full of so much love, and they want everyone around them to know it too. Our little ones show love by giving hugs, exploding with smiles, and by simply just talking to you. This positive expression is so essential for development, but it’s also often overlooked because it’s such a common feeling. The truth is that spreading love isn’t always easy, especially when we encounter tough circumstances. We want to help everyone spread the love this Valentine’s Day so you’ll feel more capable of doing so all year long.

Spreading Love from Me to You

Early on in life, your kiddo will learn so much about the world from watching you and other adults very closely. Parents, in particular, have a profound influence on their kiddos. From relationships, daily habits, and lifestyle choices, your child is likely to follow suit in some capacity. Acting in loving ways towards your children and others will rub off on your kiddo too. If your kiddo responds to situations with love in mind, they’ll be able to better manage obstacles, difficult emotions, or challenges that come their way. Plus, positive feelings are contagious. If you feel good, your child is likely to be on cloud 9 too!

Love Is Kind, Love Is Mindful

Intentional expressions of love are, at the heart, mindful. When we know we’re showing love, it pulls our attention deeper into the moment. You may notice your child practicing this around Valentine’s Day when they give other kids cards and gifts. Kids can respond by showing excitement, smiling, and exclaiming, “I know they’ll love this!” They’ll undoubtedly be thinking on the bright side. Besides, it’s sometimes more fun to give a gift than it is to receive one. That’s love and mindfulness working together.

Love Makes Connections Strong

For all of our parents out there, we know times can present varying challenges on the daily. It can make other aspects of our lives harder to manage, resulting in less enthusiasm when interacting with others. Try your best to make a point of coming from a place of love. Remember that your kiddos rely on your unconditional love and support too. Do your best to project that powerful love onto others as well, even if it’s not always reciprocated. Ultimately, showing love will make you feel good about yourself and difficult situations. Plus, you’ll find that it’ll be easier to make strong connections with others. Your kiddos will pick it up, be more capable of making friends, and form relationships that last a lifetime. Let’s start spreading love with as many people as possible.

We love helping your kiddos with daily experience and expressing their feelings. Connect with our Occupational Therapists if you need a little extra help.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2020 and has been updated to reflect the most up-to-date information for parents and caregivers.