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Uh-oh! Trouble Time, Dislike of Tummy Time

Sep 16, 2022

Tummy time is workout time for your baby. It’s a challenging new experience that some babies really love while others, not so much. This crucial time is designed to help your baby work on their neck, head, and upper body strength. Dislike of tummy time can put a wrench into the experience as no parent wants to hear or see their little one be upset. Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. We’ll give you a few tricks to put up your sleeve. 

Carefully Plan Tummy Time

When do you start tummy time? ASAP! Starting it from birth onward means that your kiddo is more likely to enjoy it as they grow. Try to plan tummy time when your little one has energy and hasn’t eaten too recently. After a nap or a diaper change would be a good time to place your baby on their belly. Start out with a few minutes of tummy time and then work up to longer sessions. Mix things up too by incorporating different positions during tummy time too:

  1. Tummy to Chest (Leaning Back)
  2. On the Ground with Parent Interaction
  3. Over the Lap 
  4. Over Arms (One Arm Between Legs and One Over The Tummy)
  5. Over a Gym Ball (Make sure to hold them and monitor)

To get more information about positions, visit Pathways here. If you’re ever unsure or need further instruction about safe positioning, always ask your provider for guidance. 

Dislike of Tummy Time

Work Up To Longer Periods

For babies new to tummy time, give them only a few minutes of tummy time at a time, but revisit the practice a few times throughout the day. Two to three minutes can truly go a long way. For kiddos experiencing a dislike of tummy time, consistency is key. Don’t give up. If tummy time only lasts a minute or two, then that’s enough. If your child is upset, there’s no need to force extra minutes on them. The best thing to do is to try again later with a different position, location (try some grass), or activity in mind. 

Dig Into Some Quality Tummy Time Activities

Who said tummy time has to be a boring time? We came up with a wide variety of tummy time activities to try at home in our previous blog here. Use props, play mats, and mirrors. A word on tummy time mirrors; they are exceptional for development. A mirror will encourage your little one to look up and see themselves. Plus, they help improve and enhance vision, the sense of self, language and emotional skills, and much more. Dislike of tummy time can easily disappear with fun human interactions and engaging activities. 

Dislike of Tummy Time

Get Help for Dislike of Tummy Time

When kiddos struggle to get enough tummy time, it affects their development and not in a good way. Little ones that dislike tummy time take longer to reach essential milestones since tummy time is so important for strengthening muscles. Additionally, babies lacking needed tummy time are at risk for conditions like torticollis (head tilting), plagiocephaly (flat head), and tracking (eye movement). Dislike of tummy time could also be a sign that other conditions are present. If you have any concerns at all, speak to your pediatrician. Physical therapy for tummy time can help. Your pediatrician can give a referral.

Dislike of Tummy Time

Stop, drop, and tummy time! Should your child have an excessive dislike of tummy time, reach out today.

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