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Strengthening the Bond: Activities for Babies Under 6 Months

Jul 26, 2021

Activities for Babies

Too young to play? No way! Activities for babies have no age qualification. Finding an activity for a six-month-old baby or younger may seem challenging, but it’s actually pretty easy and sure to bring enjoyment. As we discuss some of these activities for babies, keep in mind that some kids younger than 4 months or older than 6 months may find some of these activities enjoyable. Exploration is key! 

Activities for Babies with a Classic Touch

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classics when it comes to activities for babies. Your infant is brand new to play and experiencing life through their senses. They certainly won’t know what peek-a-boo is unless you introduce it. Find time to enjoy the senses with singing, play gyms, reading out loud to your baby, peek-a-boo, and gently cycling legs, which not only moves the body but can help eliminate pesky gas. Games for babies can be super simple. Keep in mind that interacting during these activities is crucial for baby development. Incorporate lots of fun and interaction during tummy time too. Your baby is taking your lead when it comes to strength, healthy development, and fun.

Activities for Babies

Get Creative with a Bit of Mess

That’s right! Get creative with a bit of mess. Messes are incredible when it comes to your developing infant and in terms of activities for babies. Little ones need time to explore their senses. What better to do that than to touch, see, and experience a truly wild mess unfold? Give these ideas a try:

Bring the Mess to Bathtime

Sprinkle water on your child’s belly and legs during bath time. Small splashes and a wet nose are sure to make your baby giggle. You can even include a toy or two with some tear-free bubbles. 

Put the Mess in a Bag

Placing different textures and objects into a plastic bag counts as a sensory bag. Sensory play for babies is great for developing those senses and helping them to explore their environment. 

Messy Meals 

Once your baby is ready for purees, spread it on a table or plastic plate that your little one can reach. Let your baby laugh and giggle with glee as they explore the mess and texture of food. You can even make goofy faces with the Cheerios and make a mess on your face as well. Your little one will take plenty of time to laugh. 

Activities for Babies

Know When to Take a Break

Babies love to play, but like anyone on this planet, they can get too much of a good thing. Four to six-month-old activities do have a limit. An overstimulated baby may turn away during play, clench fists and kick, or cry. When this happens, it’s time to let your baby have some quiet time in a familiar space with decreased lighting. You may need to experiment with how much is too much for your little one. When you see the signs, it’s definitely time to stop. As long as they are happy, enjoy this time with your little one. Soon they’ll hit one year and beyond and beyond once again. Engaging with your little one will create a bond that lasts a lifetime. 

Activities for Babies

Activities for babies are great for all youngsters, but it’s also a time that you may notice issues arise. If your little one has trouble engaging with you, bringing their hands to their mouth, babbling, tracking objects, pushing up on elbows, or cannot push up on elbows at tummy time, it’s time to see us. Schedule today

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