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Simple Yet Engaging: Calming Activities for Kids (And You!)

Jul 14, 2020

Calming Activities

From the never-ending to-do list to general life stresses, there always seems to be something to attend to in our daily lives. More than ever, we need a moment to just relax. To just breathe. Sometimes parents find it hard to fit in even a few moments of calmness. If finding a lot of me-time isn’t in the cards right now, encourage your kiddo to join you in calming activities that gives everyone in the home a chance to reset and slow down.  

Zen Out to Calming Activities

We would love to suggest yoga and meditation for your kiddo, but we realize that some kiddos may do better with activities with a slightly faster pace. Our greatest suggestion is to try a few different activities with your kiddo to see what interests them the most. If you decide to go toward the yoga or meditation route, you can find fun yoga for kids videos on YouTube. You might also consider looking into local classes to see what’s available in your community.

Finding a calming activity that your kiddo enjoys will be invaluable. When your kiddo is able to find relaxing activities, it can benefit them both physically and mentally. Relaxation can lower blood pressure, reduce fatigue, and provides a better way to cope and manage problems as well as big emotions. If you can, plan calming activities consistently in the evening or before bed. Of course, if you need to feel some inner peace at any other point during the day, go ahead and try one of these activities with your kiddo.

Calming Activities


Journaling is one of our favorite calming activities to mention because all you need is a pen and paper. If your kiddo would like to journal, allow them to pick out a colorful or cartoon-themed notebook at the store. Taking up the task can give your child practice with fine motor skills as they focus on a task and write. Journaling is also useful in other ways such as problem-solving and managing emotions. You better be writing with your kiddo too because adults can reap similar benefits.


You are never too old to color, so bring out all the crayons, coloring pencils, and markers. Coloring offers benefits too such as sharpened focus and improved motor skills. Let your creativity take flight when it comes to filling in those lines with vibrant colors.

Calming Activities

Walk Around the Block

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house. Young kids can find fascination with so many everyday finds outside. If you want to take this further, go to a park and relax in the grass under some shade while your kiddo plays. Have a picnic while you’re at it. If you have more time, you can pick a hiking destination too. Your kiddo would love to explore new terrain. Just remember to bring plenty of water. It’s hot outside in the summer!

Blow Bubbles & Chalk Outside

We’re still hoping that monsoon season hits us with more rain, but in the meantime, you can enjoy some calming activities in your backyard. Getting out some chalk and blowing bubbles is sure to soothe, calm, and bring out some creativity. You can also make your own bubbles at home should you feel up to the task. Even young kids can benefit from bubble play. Doing so helps enhances hand-eye-coordination, oral motor skills, and spatial awareness. Blowing bubbles even supports speech development. This simple, calming activity is a total win.

Hot Drink Party

If your kiddo likes tea, you can have a fun taste test with different types. In the event that your kiddo is like most and isn’t a big fan of tea, go ahead and try other warm beverages. Bring warm apple cider, milk, and hot chocolate to the table. Turn on some calming music, bring some fun snacks, and simply enjoy the company.

Calming Activities

Everyone deserves to have calming, relaxing moments in their life. If you find your kiddo struggling to focus or staying engaged with activities, it might be time to give us a call.

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