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New Year’s Resolutions for the Win!

Dec 20, 2018


Say goodbye to 2018, and give a big, warm welcome to 2019. The new year builds excitement that most other times of the year fail to do. Along with the thrill, New Year’s Resolutions come wrapped in motivation to start a new adventure, big or small. Everyone can create resolutions, including kids. There’s nothing wrong with seeking change to improve, so climb on into that cocoon and transform into a beautiful butterfly!  

Popular Health New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve all heard versions of this one: lose weight, eat healthier, sleep more, or increase exercise. Health improvement goals are a great start for kids because overall wellness promotes healthy growth and development. On the other hand, health-related New Year’s Resolutions are often too vague, which makes them difficult to implement in our lives. The same goes for your kiddos. Here are specific resolutions to help you out:

  1. Go to bed 30 mins earlier (so I can get enough sleep)
  2. Try a new sport like soccer at school/Go with Dad to the gym (so I can get active)
  3. Add a vegetable to lunch and dinner (so I can eat healthier)


Kicking Off with Family Time

The benefits from good-old quality bonding with the family goes unmatched. Kids who spend more time with the family tend to experience higher academic achievement, stronger emotional connection with members, increased communication skills, as well as less behavioral problems. If you or your child haven’t made a resolution yet, this would be a perfect option and one that can be made together!

  1. Go on a trip together once a month
  2. Friday family game night!
  3. Cook lunch together on Saturday


Holiday Spirit into the New Year

Kindness circulates widely around the holiday season, but why stop there? Kids love to help others and practice kindness both inside and outside of the home. Besides, kindness often has a domino effect. One kind act can cause others to happen. You can’t go wrong.

  1. Set the dinner table each night
  2. Pull in the neighbor’s trash each week
  3. Smile at a stranger each time at the grocery store


Ready to Blast Off?

            While a new year can be intimidating, there’s nothing to fear! Kids will often have fun trying something new or focusing on a New Year’s goal, and you can too. Keep in mind that if the resolution is too complex, difficult, or forced it will be hard to stick with it. Instead, go fun and simple so even higher heights can be achieved. Hello, 2019! 

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