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Press Pause! Time to Take a Break

Sep 2, 2020


Whether frustrations arise or your kiddo has put in a lot of work time, a break is a perfect way to refresh the brain. Breaks may be seriously underrated, but they provide numerous benefits for anyone that dares to take them seriously. It’s time to boost productivity and bask in the greatness of a rejuvenating break!

Giving A Break Some Serious Credit

When we think of work, we rarely think of taking a break. Instead, we focus on the completion of a task, and in the process, tend to omit breaks. The reality is that breaks need more credit when it comes to successfully reaching our goals. Without breaks, productivity takes a dive, and distractions seem to increase over time. A short break even every ten minutes of work could be just what your kiddo needs to make it through a task.

Aside from increased productivity, breaks give your kiddo time to destress, expand their creative skills, and in some cases, give a boost to their social skills. Focus tends to increase with regular breaks too. Allowing for breaks now can teach your kiddo to create habits that will better serve them throughout school and work years. Go ahead and take a break.


The Time Every Kid is Talking About

Break time! But when exactly is it, and how long should it be? A 2016 study reported that more 10-minute lessons had better effectiveness than fewer 30-minute lessons. We also see a lot of breaks lasting from about 15 to 20 minutes. We want to keep in mind that everyone’s schedule looks a little different, especially with virtual learning requirements. Also, some kids may benefit from fewer longer breaks while others will benefit from extra shorter breaks during the day.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit if this is an option. As long as you schedule breaks into the weekly routine in advance, you’ll be all set up for success. If you need to take breaks sooner due to frustration or endless lack of focus, go ahead and take a break. It is better to stop and reevaluate than it is to power through something that just isn’t working out. Prevent breaks from becoming filled with guilt. If you or your kiddo needs a break, stand by that decision and enjoy!


Spending the Break Time Wisely

Make it a break worth remembering! Instead of mindlessly scrolling the web or social media, make it a point to explore another engaging activity. In the past, we’ve suggested calming activities that might just be what the family needs to recharge. Another way to spend the time is to get the body moving like a kind of recess.

We suggest focusing on movement breaks that include walking or running around outside, balance (try a hop-scotch course!), or movement that is just simply for fun, like having a dance party. Any of these exercises are worth a try if you’re short on time too. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best way to go if you’re trying to meet deadlines. Whatever the activity is, make sure that it can be done away from the workspace. Breaks are a time to fully enjoy!


Certain conditions such as ADHD can make breaks seem less rejuvenating. If breaks don’t seem to be creating space for focus, it might be time to reach out for help. Give us a call today.

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