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New Traditions to Ring In the New Year!

Dec 27, 2023

Family Celebrating New Year's Eve

Looking for some new ways to ring in the New Year with your family? Zany, silly, and fun traditions will kick off the new year in the right direction. Let the fun times begin!

Crazy Food

Have you heard of eating black-eyed peas to bring good luck during the new year? This idea is all about getting creative with food and welcoming your own “good luck” tradition. Get a little wacky with the combinations to make a truly memorable treat. From M&M’s pizza to Peanuts in Soda, we’re sure that your family can find something that is both tasty and brings a big smile to faces in the home. You can look through these ideas, but the internet is a treasure trove for zany suggestions too. 

Get Messy

Messy life, happy life! Getting messy is great for your kiddo’s development, so don’t be afraid to let loose this holiday when exploring new traditions. Arm yourself with a confetti cannon filled with confetti and/or glitter for a celebratory ending of 2020. You could even go a little more conventional and start an annual family water balloon fight outside. Whatever mess you create, know that it can always be cleaned up. As long as everyone is having fun, this is a win. 

Decorate and Dance

A day to celebrate needs a little decoration. Start a tradition that entails decorating the living area with colorful balloons, confetti, and streamers. Make this a time when you go all out with decorations. Create a special New Year’s mix playlist and get dancing in a room filled to the brim with exciting decorations. You kids are sure to have a blast with traditions that involve music and colorful decor.

Silly Dress Up

Maybe dress up isn’t just for Halloween. You could easily start a brand-new New Year’s tradition where you bring out the masks, old hats, and frilly clothing. Make your own family masquerade party or get as silly with dressing up as you possibly can. Feel free to make your own masks too. Here is a fun example of a mask that we thought was super creative. Whatever it takes to get the family smiling and laughing to kick off the new year!  

Know Your Family Before Starting New Traditions

Every family is different. If none of these fit the bill for your family, you can always engage in activities that are a little quieter. Head to a park, color together, or even just watch some TV shows together with popcorn. The goal is to create traditions that are specific to your family and what everyone enjoys doing together. Let’s end this year on a memorable note! 

Holiday traditions are followed by New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t seen our blog on New Year’s resolutions for kids, you’ll want to check it out before the new year!

Having a difficult time starting new traditions with your kiddo? You can make an appointment with our Occupational Therapists to start the new year with support.