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More Than Meets the Eye: Why Orthotics for Kids Rock!

Oct 4, 2021

orthotics for kids

Orthotics for kids rock our world! They may appear to be a simple foot insert, but they truly are so much more. These foot orthotics are able to help kids be in top physical condition so that they can enjoy play and movement to the fullest. Let’s step right into why children’s orthotics are an excellent choice across a variety of situations.

Orthotics for Kids

Benefits of Orthotics for Kids

#1 Helps with a Variety of Conditions

There are so many reasons why a child would wear orthotics. The main goal is to improve daily function. Most commonly, your child might need orthotics for any of these reasons:

  1. Flat Feet
  2. Over-Pronation
  3. Growing Pains
  4. Pain in General
  5. In-Toeing Reduction
  6. Toe Walking
  7. Muscular Weakness
  8. Poor Balance

Orthotics for flat feet or any of the above offer help by aligning and controlling the foot properly. You’ll notice that your child’s gait (the way that they walk) improves with each step, making them a great candidate for a healthy, pain-free life long-term.

#2 Preventing Problems 

We hear time and time again that kids will grow out of foot and walking issues. The reality is that issues with the feet and walking are a whole-body problem. Conditions like toe-walking will have long-term consequences like lower body pain and muscular imbalances down the road. Conditions in childhood have a way of causing a lot of trouble over time, so the sooner you can have your kiddo evaluated, the better. Orthotic devices are total rockstars because they can prevent issues like nobody’s business. 

Orthotics for Kids

#3 They’re Easy and Comfortable

Looks are deceiving! Orthotics can be quite comfortable, and they’re so easy to slip into the shoe and run around in. Once you insert the orthotic into the shoe, your kiddo is all set to go. Since it is inside the shoe, nobody will even know that your child wears them. There may even come a time when your little one feels lost without their orthotics.

#4 Strength, Stability, and More

Play that air guitar because orthotics are making a world of difference. Orthotics for kids improve hip and lower body strength as well as walking as a whole. If that weren’t enough, you can count on orthotics to keep the foot in line and stable while doing wonders for your kiddo’s posture. When it comes to the foot, the orthotic prevents the foot from twisting and distorting under pressure, which opens the flood gates to these awesome benefits. We simply cannot say enough good things about orthotics. 

#6 Orthotics for Kids Makes Life Better For All Ages

From young kids to teenagers, kids can have an array of foot problems that call on the need for orthotics. Take a look at this brief video from “Little Steps,” outlining the common problems you might encounter with different age groups. We really love Little Steps semi-custom orthotics, which we also sell at our office. Definitely ask us about them as they’ll help align the foot and prevent pain as time goes on. 

Orthotics for Kids

Reach out to us today if you feel your kiddo could benefit from orthotics. Between help from orthotics and physical therapy, your little one will be jamming to their own beat in no time. 

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