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Love at First Kick: Bonding with Baby Before Birth

Jan 2, 2023

Pregnant mom

Who needs love at first sight when you have love at first kick? Bonding with your baby is tremendously important at all stages of life, including before birth. Your baby is already developing skills while in the womb, so don’t be afraid to start the bonding process right away. Your baby as well as yourself can form a strong, wholesome bond even before you hold your tiny tyke in your arms for the very first time. 

Bonding Before Birth

Bonding with baby in the womb is so very crucial for mom, dad, and baby. An intentional effort will help your baby learn voices and is helpful for development overall. For mom and dad, bonding before birth will help you feel more bonded to the baby before they come into the world. It’s normal for parents to feel a mix of emotions including fear and worry, but bonding efforts can really help ease unpleasant emotions. Keep in mind that feeling bonded right away may not always happen. Bonding takes time and consistency, and it’s okay to feel a new world of emotions about your growing family. What matters is that you make an effort to bond and approach this new journey with an open mind and open heart

When Can My Baby Hear?

Yes! Your baby can hear you before birth! Around 18 weeks, your baby can begin hearing sounds inside of you such as your heartbeat. When they reach 27 to 29 weeks, your baby can start hearing sounds outside of your body. Before birth bonding with sound can include singing to your baby, reading a story, or playing classical music. Dad can do all of this too while around Mom. Get creative. Keep in mind that loud noises and high-stress situations or sounds can impact your baby’s hearing negatively. Do your best to create calm and happier environments for your little one. 

Your Baby is Picking up on Language Already! 

Research has shown that babies are already picking up on their native language in the womb. Babies cry with an accent. The cry’s melody pattern imitates the language pattern that is heard in the womb. During the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is said to be able to pick up on those familiar sounds. Take advantage of your baby’s learning and growth here. Be sure to have plenty of conversations with those around you and of course, don’t forget storytime. Plus, keep your baby in the loop. It may seem silly at first, but talking to your baby in the womb is an early bonding experience that benefits both mom and baby.

All the New Sensations

Before birth, your baby can feel you and you can feel baby. Some of the kicks and shifting can feel really powerful from such a tiny tot. It is expected that babies can feel sensation early in pregnancy, but you’ll notice kicking around 16-25 weeks and movement responses around 26 weeks. A great way to bond with your baby through the sense of touch is to simply rub your belly. If you’re comfortable, dad can rub the belly too and bond with the new baby in that way. Around 26 weeks, you can also respond to kicks by gently pressing the spot where your baby kicked. You’ll be over the moon if you feel a response back. You’re already communicating with each other! 

Get Out and Walk with Baby

Movement during pregnancy is, without a doubt, a win. Moms can experience benefits like reduced aches, lower stress, better sleep, and increased preparation for birth, among many others. You can go out on a walk with your baby and talk to them about what you see in the world. Tell them about the sensations you’re experiencing such as hearing a dog bark or smelling a field of beautiful flowers. Interacting with your baby in new settings can help build that blossoming relationship in a healthy way. Of course, talk to your doctor about the best exercise regime for you to keep you and the baby healthy. 

We hope you enjoy your time with your baby before birth. It is such an essential and exciting time for everyone. Should you ever discover a need for physical therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, or speech therapy down the road, we have you covered.