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The Bright Side in 2020: Fostering a Child’s Positivity

Dec 27, 2019


The kids stayed up too late last night. They hit their goal of midnight, but the next day they’re cranky and crying. Toys are flown about the room and you hear wild tired screams, which leaves everyone wondering where all the positivity of 2020 went. Positivity is objective, meaning there are many ways to look at adopting a mindset that makes you and your kiddo happy. For the new year, we want to pave the way for successful contentment even in times of utter chaos.

Practice Redirecting Negative Statements with Positivity in Mind

This doesn’t mean that everything out of your mouth comes from a fairytale. It means considering the potential for positivity in a given situation. Let’s say that your kiddo is working on their math homework. Long behold, they come across a difficult problem and declare, “I can’t do this.” In this situation, you can act as a guide. Remind them what they can do. “That looks like a difficult problem. You can skip that one for now and come back to it” or “you can try your best on it even if it needs a little improvement.”


Set Goals in Realistic Ways

Overscheduling or really going over the top in anything can place a heavy weight on the family’s shoulders. When kids are enrolled in too many activities, for example, it can pose a threat to necessities in their routine such as less sleeping and eating on the go. Create consistent routines, set limits, and achieve resolutions that have an achievable destination.

Allow for Playtime

Both kids and parents need time for rest and relaxation each day. It allows us to experience life in creative ways and recharges our battery, so to speak. Finding a balance for structured and unstructured play can go a long way in making the day feel complete. By surrounding yourself with experiences that make you and your kiddo happy, positivity is sure to follow. Give yourself and your kiddo permission this year to play!


Seek Healthy Choices

Aiming to satisfy the body’s basic needs can be a lifesaver for both you and your child. Besides, a hungry, sleep-deprived, or inactive child could easily fall into a tantrum, among many unwanted behaviors. Meeting basic needs is the foundation of leading a positive life. Besides, it’s hard to smile at anyone when your stomach is growling. In 2020, help your kiddo seek quality sleep, good meals, new FRIENDS, and find ways to move throughout the day. You could also include a mindfulness practice among these necessary daily tasks.

Build Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. It’s an important skill for your child to practice. Helping your child give a name to their strengths can help support self-esteem. Also, allow them to try new things that are hard or challenging. Doing so can help them see how they are capable of thriving in difficult scenarios. Here are other tips to help build your child’s self-esteem.


Limit Social Media Usage

In this day and age, social media is a popular means of keeping touch with friends, especially for our kiddos. Remember that screens cannot replace real connections with a human. Excessive social media use is also correlated with unwanted conditions such as anxiety, depression, or obesity. Teach moderate use and set the example for your kiddo in order to flourish to their highest, happiest potential.


Practice Acceptance

As parents, some days can be really tough. We know this to be true. Sometimes it’s important to accept that we cannot physically control the way our kiddo thinks or feels. We can, however, always offer guidance and a helping hand. We can also work on being good role models. We’ve heard the expression, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Well, it’s commonly true. Our kids, more often than not, pick up our habits. This year, in 2020, remember that there are some things that need to be let go so that positivity can be within reach.

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