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For the Love of Reading! Encouraging Reading at Home for Kids

Mar 24, 2022

Reading at Home

Who doesn’t love a good book? Well, maybe your child. Every child learns and experiences the world differently, so sometimes this quiet activity falls into the “I don’t like to do this” list. The good news is that if your child has any interests at all in this world, then they can learn to love reading at home. With the right book, reading can be for anybody! Picking up a book (or in 2022’s case, opening the Kindle app) offers the luxury of discovering the world from new, exciting lenses. 

The Value of Reading in Childhood

Reading is incredibly important for kids. This skill not only enables them to read a variety of texts, but reading also helps kids sharpen their reading, language, listening, and creativity skills. The benefits are irreplaceable. Reading puts a wealth of knowledge at your child’s fingertips, and nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find a book that will make your little one thrive. The only rule is to consider your kids’ reading levels. Books too challenging can be discouraging and books too easy can leave your kiddo wanting more in five minutes of time. Once you understand reading level, the big question remains; how do you encourage reading at home?

Reading At Home

For the Love of Reading at Home

Make reading at home and reading at school separate activities. Reading may be work at times, but at other times, it should also be a form of play. Reading for luxury means letting your child pick what books they are interested in. There really are no bounds. Fiction, non-fiction, and even graphic novels (aka comics) all promote literacy and learning language. Give your child control and freedom in how they want to explore the world. Doing so will likely get them pumped to start that book right this second.

Create a Special Space for Reading 

Think about the many ways that you can raise the excitement of reading at home. Maybe you and your child can create a kids’ reading nook together. Get special furniture for this corner of the room, or maybe, you just create a reading fort instead. Setting aside a unique, quiet, and cozy space can make the reading experience special for your little one. For a successful session of reading at home, a reading nook is a must. 

Reading at Home

Try Reading Games

We all love a good game, especially your kiddos. There are a lot of board games that encourage reading. Set aside time for family game night, and make sure the board game has some reading material for your child to sink their teeth into. “Apples To Apples” is a popular board game that relies on reading words and their synonyms. Another example to try is “Mad Libs.” Kids go bananas for the silly phrases that result from playing this game. You can try some printables here. Soaking in new material is best when you’re having fun. 

Make the Time 

Days get busy. We get it. Even a few hours out of the week to read can do wonders for your child’s reading skills. That’s far better than zero hours! Plus, if it’s a really good book, your child may not even want to stop. Pre-plan each week when you will create time for reading. As a suggestion, one of the best times to read is before bed. That way, your child can wind down and avoid the trouble that technology poses, particularly to our sleep. You can also go above and beyond during this time. How can you improve reading comprehension skills for your kid? Participate in storytime. Sit down with them during reading time and take turns reading the story. Ask them questions about the story and how they are enjoying it. Sometimes playing an active role can make all the difference for kids reading comprehension skills.

Reading at Home

Set the Example

When encouraging your child to read, consider your own habits. Are you playing on your phone often? Do you rarely pick up a book? Lead by example. Get reading material for yourself as well and make sure they see you enjoying your own book. It’s the little things that make a big difference in your child’s desire to pick up a good book with a story that they’ll treasure for ages. 

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