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Creating Stronger Family Bonds and Caring Support Systems

Jan 20, 2021

family bonds

Curveballs come in our direction all the time, but if we’re unprepared, life can cause overwhelming feelings that interrupt our days in unpleasant ways. With the help of family and a strong support system, we become better at overcoming obstacles. In turn, our kiddos can learn from this example and succeed in other areas of their life. From our point of view, family support is an irreplaceable part of a successful therapy session too. Here’s to family bonds getting us further than we thought possible! 

Family Bonds Start with You

When it comes to creating stronger family ties, remember that you’re on stage when you’re around your little one. They are looking to you for guidance on how to behave and thrive in life. In fact, you have a huge impact on values and long-term choices.  Beginning the foundation of a strong family bond starts with you! 

family bond

It’s the Little Things 

Life can get crazy busy. We get it. So, focus on small goals at first. For example, try eating dinner together as a family most nights and creating conversations by asking questions. If making conversation isn’t really your thing, you can use these conversation starters to break the ice. The more that you involve the entire family, the better. Besides, kids love talking about what interests them. You’ve got this, Mom!

Plan Ahead

Schedule time for the family to spend time together. Maybe it is walking together after work and school every day or maybe it is family game night on Friday nights. Scheduling time together is a great way to create bonds because you’re experiencing life together. If you have family game night, for example, you’re creating a way for the family to problem-solve and compete as a group. Focus on generating more positive experiences as a family so that bonds strengthen.

family bonds

Practice Kindness

Along with the role model theme, being kind to one another can really alter the family dynamic. Focus on praise for both your children and your partner. Everyone wants to hear about their good actions but so rarely we hear feedback about our awesome feats. When dad takes care of the dishes, let him know how much you appreciate the extra hands. Your kiddos will pick up on this too. Plus, kids tend to respond better to praise than punishments. Remember: a little praise goes a long way! 

Get in the Zone with Something New

As adults, we tend to fall into routines that quickly become monotonous. These routines often interfere with enjoyable family bonding time. Be sure to mix things up every once in a while. Bring a new game to family game night or try a new family tradition. Our latest New Year’s blog shares examples of new traditions to try out for size. Whatever it is, make sure it is something that everyone in the family will enjoy. The goal is to leave each other in a better place than before. 

We love seeing moms and dads root for their kiddos at our office. If you think your kiddo may need a little extra help, you can contact us today! 

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