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Communicating by Pen: Handwriting 101 for Kids

Jun 15, 2021


We see you, keyboard! You’re just over there lurking, prompting us to type up the next homework assignment. But, what about handwriting? Is handwriting lost to the world? Fortunately, kids are still learning to handwrite. Plus, it really is an extremely essential skill to learn regardless of technological advances. We’ll take a much deeper look at this skill and how your kiddo can get the most out of writing each and every letter. 

Why is Handwriting Important for Kids?

Now that we have tech that can write out letters for us, you may think that handwriting may be phasing out. If it’s easier, then it’s better, right? Not so fast. Learning to handwrite early on helps kids sharpen their fine motor skills (precise muscle movements in hands, wrists, and fingers), hand-eye coordination, and visual processing skills. For a little one so young, handwriting is a must for your child’s development. There’s no great replacement for it because typing alone affects the brain differently. In fact, you are more likely to internalize information through handwriting than if you were to type. You really are better off handwriting your notes. When considering handwriting, it’s important to make sure it is legible. Be sure to help your kiddo practice, practice, and practice again.


Make Handwriting Fun

Go Beyond the Paper and Pen 

Think outside the box with this one. You can certainly use those fingers to write instead of a writing utensil. Write with shaving cream, chalk, or even paint. Going this route can also be a fun sensory experience for your kiddo. 

Write a Letter to you Favorite Cartoon Character & Make Comics

Who is your child’s favorite cartoon character or hero? Give them the task of writing this character a personalized letter. They can feel free to personalize it by drawing this character on the page. If a letter isn’t something they would enjoy, they may feel differently about creating a comic with this character. These characters need some dialogue after all! 

Be Different

Write upside down, over there, and everywhere. Try moving the angle. Write on the wall, the floor, or even in the tub. On top of this change of scenery, try using various writing utensils and stationery. Gel pens on a postcard on a wall sounds like fun! 


A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Sometimes practicing at home may not happen or maybe it seems to be unhelpful in guiding your kiddo to the path of legible handwriting mastery. occupational therapy can do wonders for getting your child where they need to be for their grade level. Whether your child needs help with spacing out letters (visual processing) or writing more legibly (fine motor skills), an occupational therapist can make a difference. Definitely, be sure to get your child help when they need it because improvement is easier to accomplish early on. This way, your kiddo can feel confident in their handwriting skills for a lifetime. 


Reach out today if handwriting is a concern. Getting help now can make the biggest of differences in the long run. 

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