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Common Conditions

At Jodi Gilray, PT, PLLC, we treat a variety of conditions ranging from minor to significant. We see children from birth to adolescence. The following is a list of our services along with common conditions and symptoms that you may notice in your child.

Physical Therapy Addresses

Dislike of Tummy Time in infancy
Torticollis (tilted neck) in infancy
Plagiocephaly (skull flattening in infancy)
Abnormal Muscle Tone
Delayed Milestones or Asymmetry
Poor Weight Gain / Feeding Difficulties in infancy
Difficulty Breathing / Frequent Respiratory Illness
Toe Walking
Toe-In (pigeon-toed) Walking
Toe-Out Walking
High Arched or Flat Feet
High Frequency of Falls
Poor Balance
Complaints of Pain (joint / spine)
Poor Motor Coordination

Occupational Therapy Addresses

Attention & Memory Difficulties
Decreased Mindfulness
Poor Social-Emotional Skills
Poor Self-Regulation Skills
Poor Self-care/Hygiene Skills
Sensory Processing Disorder
Difficulty with Fine Motor Tasks

Speech Therapy Addresses

Poor Speech Articulation/Difficult to Understand
Language Learning Disabilities
Sound Development Delays
Speech Impediment
Decreased/loss of Hearing
Poor Voice Projection
Speech Fluency Disorders

Feeding Therapy Addresses

Poor Weight Gain/Feeding Difficulties
G-tube to Oral Feeding
Sensory Difficulties Regarding Food
Delays/weakness in Oral Motor Skills
Poor Utensil Use
Positioning Education
Tongue Tie (Including Orthodontic Patients)