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Welcome to Jodi Gilray Pediatric Therapy


Our Areas Of Focus

Physical Therapy

We will address  strength, flexibility, body awareness, balance, posture, gait, and orthotics training.

Occupational Therapy

Enhance sensory processing, bilateral integration, attention, handwriting, and feeding abilities.

Speech Therapy

Fine-tune speech sounds, language, literacy, social communication, voice, fluency and cognitive communication.

Feeding Therapy

We work with a variety of behaviors from bottling to refusing food or difficulty chewing to help your child thrive.

A Team Dedicated To Helping

Childhood is all about experiencing life, especially since it is so new and exciting. Movement is key when exploring the world, which also supports growth. When kids have limitations in performing daily activities, it can hinder the child’s development. We’re here to work with kids in a way that facilitates healthy movement and interactions with their environment. Pediatric therapy revolves around helping kids learn and grow in their environment in the most optimal way so that they can best enjoy their life experiences. We love seeing kids blossom, and everyone on our team is here to ensure that the kids that come through our door will leave better each time. We are set for making happier, healthier lives every day!

Why Choose Jodi Gilray Pediatric Therapy

At Jodi Gilray Pediatric Therapy, we have a team of caring therapists who treat a variety of conditions, ranging from minor to significant, that impact early development. We see children all of the way from birth to adolescence.

By utilizing play and a facilitation of proper musculoskeletal movement with an aligned spine we specialize in physical, speech, occupational, and feeding therapies.

We are dedicated to optimal development to help your child thrive.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

So Much Love

“Jodi and her staff are absolutely wonderful to work with. So much love and care for the kids… Thank you for the support during these tough times.”

Simply Amazing

“Simply amazing!!!! My daughter loves going to physical therapy. They make it such a comfortable experience for children and parents. Couldn’t have been referred to a better pediatric physical therapist.”