What is Pediatric Therapy?

Pediatric therapy is an engaging and rewarding field of medicine that addresses the natural process of human development. When that process is disrupted by simple or complex musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory, gastrointestinal, or sensory integrative conditions including vision, it can affect your child’s posture, gait, and development. Most often, these issues can be caught early on and treated before secondary symptoms arise. The skeleton is shaped by the muscle pull on the bones, therefore earlier treatment is ideal o shape the skeleton and promotes optimal muscle strength and length. Early physical therapy treatment will prevent future injury, health risks and/or pain, all of which may occur in the later years.

At Jodi Gilray PT, PLLC, we specialize in the assessment and development of all these systems starting as early as birth and address the above body systems to allow your child to fulling interact and participate with his or her environment. This is all done through play and facilitation of proper musculoskeletal movement in all planes of movement with an aligned spine.


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Childhood is all about experiencing life, especially since it is so new and exciting. Movement is key when exploring the world, which also supports growth. When kids have limitations in performing daily activities, it can hinder the child’s development. We’re here to work with kids in a way that facilitates healthy movement and interactions with their environment. Pediatric therapy revolves around helping kids learn and grow in their environment in the most optimal way so that they can best enjoy their life experiences. We love seeing kids blossom, and everyone on our team is here to ensure that the kids that come through our door will leave better each time. We are set for making happier, healthier lives every day!
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Our Client's Testimonials

  • Cynthia is amazing with my little man. She has helped him develop great skills in just the short time we have been coming.

  • Jodi and her staff are absolutely wonderful to work with. So much love and care for the kids… Thank you for the support during these tough times.

  • Simply amazing!!!! My daughter loves going to physical therapy. They make it such a comfortable experience for children and parents. Couldn’t have been referred to a better pediatric physical therapist.

  • My daughter has been seeing Jodi and another therapist at her office for almost 4 years now, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and those that work at her office. Her new facility is wonderful and has so many amazing features that help my daughter work the muscles she needs to without even realizing it because she’s having so much fun. I’ve seen such an amazing improvement in my daughter’s abilities and in her confidence that she can do things that used to be hard for her. Jodi Gilray PT is such a loving and encouraging environment. If your child is in need of therapy services this is the place you have to go to, it really is the best!

  • Jodi has provided physical therapy for my daughter for 8 years. Without Jodi, I truly believe my daughter would not be able to move around as well as she does. As a young child, Jodi made physical therapy seem like it was fun and games. My daughter will never forget painting with her toes which was forcing her to put all her weight on the other leg side, thus strengthening it. Now, as a 12 year old, her therapy is not as playful but it certainly is as helpful.She has such a hands on approach and knows exactly how to engage with kids of all ages, always seeking positive end results for the child. She has a heart of gold and truly has a passion for helping each and every child that enters her clinic.

  • Jodi is an incredibly skilled therapist! Her heart and love for the kids she works with show through in each and every session. Our son experienced tremendous results under her care. Thank you, Jodi!


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